Paul's Story

"My name is Paul Jones and I am seeking a kidney donor. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, stage 5 (PKD), which means I am a few months away from starting dialysis.  I have O+ blood, and am currently on the transplant list at MGH.

Thank you for your help, your compassion, and your friendship. This is all very difficult for me but I have faith that I will be able to find a donor and beat PKD. -- Paul"

Since his diagnosis, Paul has not let his debilitating Polycystic Kidney Disease slow down his devotion to helping others.  As the Community Relations Director at an Assisted Living facility, he spends his days enriching the lives of senior citizens.  He is a member of the North Smithfield School Committee where he spends countless evenings helping to enhance the public education of our youth.  During his time off, Paul and his wife Brittney spend days going from one doctor's appointment to another.  At the end of March, he underwent a surgical procedure to prepare for his upcoming kidney dialysis. Now that he is on the organ transplant list at Massachusetts General Hospital awaiting a new kidney, he is hopeful that a donor will be found that will not only give him back an active and pain free lifestyle, but will ultimately save his life.

Paul Jones was diagnosed with PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) nine years ago, at age 20.  Paul's disease progressed rapidly over the past year and he is now at "Stage 5", meaning he will be starting dialysis and is on the transplant list at Massachusetts General Hospital. 



Can I be a "Living Donor"? 

There is a good chance that you can!  If you are in good health, between the ages of 18 and 60, and have not ever had diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney disease, or heart disease, then you may be able to save a life by becoming a living donor!  You can click on the blue circle above to visit the Living Donor Kidney Evaluation page at Massachusetts General Hospital to find out more. You can also contact the Transplant Coordinator at Mass General to have your questions answered.

Transplant Coordinator: Laura Cornacchini, RN

Tel: 617-643-7193 (MGH Donor Line)

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the Word! 

Even if you are not able to become a living donor, there are other ways that you can make a difference!  Many people do not know what a Living Donor is.  You can share this page through social media and help Paul reach others that could potentially become his living kidney donor. 

Register to Be An Organ Donor!

You can sign up at to become an organ donor when you die.  It doesn't cost you or your family any money and your funeral will not be delayed or altered.  What will happen, however, is you can potentially save many lives! 

Make a tax deductible donation for Paul's Kidney Campaign!

The financial toll a family takes when facing a medical emergency can be devastating.  Paul and Brittney are facing years of high co-pays, loss of time at work, and the expenses related to his lifelong required daily medications.  Your donation to Kenny's Coalition through the unique link below will go directly to Paul's Kidney Fund.  We do NOT keep a percentage of your donation.  It goes directly to helping pay for Paul's medical expenses.  We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit so donations are tax deductible!

Order a T-Shirt



Show your support!  With each t-shirt purchase,  100% of the net proceeds will go directly to Paul's Kidney Fund AND every time you wear this shirt, you are helping Paul find a potential Kidney donor! 

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