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Julia's Journey

If you know Julia, you know this girl is one of a kind. She is a bright, happy 8-year-old ray of sunshine. She loves unicorns, reading, mismatched socks and always has a smile on her face. Her upbeat personality and smile are infectious. Julia was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Osteosarcoma, and although she is one tough cookie, she has a long road ahead.


Julia is undergoing chemotherapy over the course of 10 weeks before having major surgery on her leg.  The hospital that will provide Julia with the best surgical option and outcome is Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City.  It is a complicated procedure that will require multiple surgeries and prolonged visits to the hospital, after which, many more months of chemotherapy will be required to ensure the cancer does not return.


Julia's awesome and loving parents John and Anne, and her brother Thomas are her rock and support.  In order to accompany Julia through weeks of chemotherapy, surgeries and associated procedures, Anne is currently on leave from work.


With a very long road ahead, this leave will soon be unpaid and the financial burden on this family will be significant.  There are extensive expenses associated with this type of situation - medical bills, health insurance, travel, out-of-town lodging and incidental add up very quickly.  With Anne on unpaid leave and only one income, the financials of this ordeal present an added level of stress that we can all help to relieve.


If you know anything about this family, you know that they are wonderful, generous and giving people who are involved in their community and have given so much to those around them.  In their time of need, let's all rally to support them.  If you are able, a donation of any amount will help in conquering the road ahead.  Your support has meant the world to this family and your continued presence as part of this journey will help see them through to the finish line.  Julia is a fighter and will take this to the mat!  Lets help!

Check back for availability of shirts and hoodies.  Limited sizes still available!

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