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History of Kenny's Coalition

Kenny's Coalition unofficially started in 2015 when a bake sale was held for a young girl with pediatric Osteosarcoma.  It came together again in early 2016, with another successful bake sale for a young boy facing a Leukemia diagnosis.


In late 2016, when a friend's young daughter was diagnosed with another case of pediatric Osteosarcoma, Kenny's Coalition decided that their fundraisers would be unique for each person going forward.  In just four short weeks, with nearly 200 attendees, 30 children designers and models, a competitive dance team, a cheerleading squad, a chorus of 20 children, a retired morning radio show icon, and countless but priceless volunteers, the sold out show "Just Be Yourself- An Extraordinarily Unique Kid-Designed Fashion Show" came to life in the most magical way. 


With so much love and support that night, we realized that fundraisers were more than just events to help families pay their medical bills.  They are rallies for friends who were facing their toughest life challenge.  They are a way for people- young and old- to show their support and love for others.  They are a place for communities to come together and use their talents, resources, and experiences to make a difference in the journey of one family. 

Who is "Kenny"?  What is his "Coalition"?









Kenny was a loving father, husband, grandfather, amazing artist, an avid Harley Davidson rider, and someone who used his  story to change the lives of others. Kenny lost a tough battle with an advanced form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013 but not before helping countless people through his loving and compassionate nature. 

Kenny's Coalition is a team of volunteers, mentors, talents, friends, families, and anyone else who jumps into action.  Each event has a different Coalition but they all have the same goal- to do good things that will make a difference.


Board of Directors

April Lombardi, President
Mary Ann Fura, Secretary
Erin Bradford, Treasurer
Our Board of Directors came together because they have each been affected in different ways when a close loved one was diagnosed with a serious condition.  They are a team of love, strength, and dedication. 
Our Mission:
Kenny's Coalition is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping families with major medical needs through event planning and fundraising.  We also work with families and businesses to raise awareness.

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